All mouth guards provide a certain amount of protection. Choctaw Dental encourages all athletes to explore the option of a custom crafted mouth guard, designed specifically to protect their very own teeth.

Why Custom?

Many athletes have grown up wearing mouth guards. Most sanctioned sports leagues require some form of protective gear in many sports. So, why go to the trouble of getting a specialized athletic guard? First, the superior dental protection of a custom fitted athletic guard cannot be matched.

The time, trouble and expense of getting a properly fitted one would be made up for instantly in a single accident, but that’s not all. While one-size-fits-all athletic guards often restrict airways to some extent, custom formed dental athletic guards can actually improve it. Since breathing affects so much of athletic performance, the right athletic guard can make the difference between a good enough athlete and a great one! There are three basic styles of a guard. There are ready made guards that come with many helmets, and are available in any sporting goods department. There are boil and bite guards that are first softened, then fitted to the athlete’s mouth, these are better. Finally, there are custom fitted dental athletic guards.

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