Many of us have memories of an older relative or friend with dentures. In the past, they have been obviously fake, uncomfortable and difficult to keep in place. In combination with dental implants, today’s dentures allow patients to bite and chew normally and look much better than they use to.

Benefits of Dentures

Missing teeth can make eating difficult, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies. With properly crafted dentures, patients are able to bite and chew normally, allowing them to return to eating most foods without difficulty. In addition to discomfort and health concerns, missing teeth change person’s appearance, often dramatically. Sagging facial muscles and jaw realignment can make you look much older. Dentures fill the space of your missing teeth, repositioning the jaw where it should be and supporting the facial muscles for an improved, natural appearance that restores patient confidence.

The Process

First, we determine which of your natural teeth are strong and healthy and can be saved. Healthy teeth may be used as foundations for dentures, or if needed dental implants may be put in place to hold your dentures. Any teeth that cannot be saved are removed and the dentures are custom fitted to your jawline. You will be able to walk out with your dentures in place the same day your broken teeth are removed.

Over time, your jawline will likely change due to the missing teeth. If this causes your denture to not fit as well or be uncomfortable, changes can be made to realign the denture. It is important that you contact us in these cases as soon as possible so that corrections can be made. Waiting will make the problem worse and often harder to fix.

Denture Care

Denture patients still need to brush like patients with natural teeth. The mouth still requires stimulation and brushing the gums and roof of the mouth. Doing this can help keep good blood circulation and remove plaque, which can cause infection.

The dentures themselves must be brushed, just like your natural teeth, to remove particles and keep stains from developing. Specialized products just for dentures will be recommended to help you keep them clean and working well.

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