Cosmetic Crowns

Think of it as a 3D veneer. The crown is shaped to fit the damaged tooth and recreate the size and shape of the original natural tooth. Since the cosmetic crown is custom made, the color can also be matched to your natural teeth.


Cosmetic Crowns are used in a wide variety of situations. If the tooth itself does not have enough dentin (the yellowish tissue that makes up the bulk of all teeth) left to hold the repair filling, a crown over the top can hold this in place and restore the tooth.

Cosmetic Crowns can also be used to anchor bridges and other dental appliances. Occasionally they are made removable and can be taken out with the bridge. In cases where the entire tooth is removed and a dental implant is installed, a Cosmetic Crown is formed to replace the missing tooth. This type of crown fits over the anchor of the implant. Permanent crowns are very strong and can give back a patient’s ability to bite and chew normally.


Cosmetic crowns are made from a variety of materials. Most patients prefer crowns that blend with natural teeth. In these cases, porcelain, ceramic or resin composites are used to create a tooth that is nearly undetectable. Other crowns are made of metals, including gold. Combination crowns may have a metal component underneath a layer of porcelain or ceramic.

Midwest City Family Dentistry has the latest in crown technology. We use a Cerec 3d camera. The Cerec allows us to make gorgeous, natural looking crowns in less time, with a near perfect fit.

Forming the Crown

Crowns are formed in a two part procedure. First we clean and make needed repairs to the tooth. A mold is taken of the tooth and sent to a dental lab to have the crown created. A temporary crown may be created to cover the work and allow a more natural appearance until the permanent crown is finished.

On your second visit we will etch the surface of the tooth below to prepare it for the new crown.

The crown is then test fitted and if any adjustments are needed, they are made. The cosmetic crown is then permanently installed using a dental bonding adhesive.

If a Cerec crown is to be used, crowns can often be fitted the same day!

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